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Many companies, a local tax preparer in Fort-Lauderdale that they have a computer doing the work for them instead of learning the tax code every year coming from IRS. However, they possess little to no experience dealing with tax resolution services on a daily basis. They may not know any more than you when it comes to IRS tax resolution. No worries. We understand that dealing with the IRS/State can be a very time consuming and stressful experience, especially if you’re negotiating an IRS payment plan. Our goal is not only to attempt to achieve tax debt relief and tax debt settlement at the lowest amount allowed by law, or a payment schedule that least disrupts your economic life, but also to reduce your anxiety and stress by having Tax Defense Partners deal and speak directly with the federal and state income tax agencies. We communicate with them professionally, so you don’t have to. GC SERVICES CONSULTANT is here to assist you

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Everything is determined by the IRS computers and the automated collections division. The only way to be brought into compliance is by filing all years that are missing. Depending on what the computer states, you may have to file 6 years’ worth of IRS tax returns. They may even go back to 7 years’ worth of taxes. Therefore, the IRS must be contacted immediately to figure out exactly what needs to be done.
If there are compliance issues found, the IRS will inform the tax professional or the taxpayer what specifically must be filed. It is important to prepare these taxes, but not to mail them in. They need to be faxed to the IRS. That way, they are immediately acknowledged in the IRS computers and the processing of these returns can start within hours, rather than weeks or months. Keep in mind that the IRS will not release a wage garnishment until the tax returns are submitted for processing. Once it is determined that a taxpayer complies, the IRS will then look for a resolution to outstanding taxes owed. This may be in the form of a payment plan, a partial payment plan, having the taxpayer declared non-collectible, or an offer in compromise.


In most cases, the IRS will request your financial information through certain IRS forms to determine how much, if anything, you can afford to pay towards your total tax liability. If your file is being handled by the automated collections division, a 433F form (a simplified Collection Information Statement) has to be prepared and submitted along with supporting documentations. If the file is with a field agent, a 433A form (a detailed Collection Information Statement) has to be prepared and filed with the field agent, along with any supporting documentation. The IRS knows that in 90% of the cases, the wage garnishment or IRS levy is a hardship on the taxpayer. That’s why the IRS should release the wage garnishment within hours. Unfortunately, taxpayers often try to perform this procedure by themselves. Without a tax professional involved, the IRS simply drags their feet and the process takes far too long. If you are wondering how long does an IRS wage levy last, the tax professional you choose to represent you should force the IRS to comply with the rules and regulations to have these matters expedited within hours.

Our Valuable Team Members

Gerfson Cimeus M.A. Gc services Consultant – Founder, A Tax Specialist, Tax Resolution Specialist, ITIN Acceptant Agent, Gerfson Cimeus distinguished his career in the Banking industry since 2006. His skills included both technical and managerial positions, providing the background to successfully resolve the most difficult tax issues problems. He went to class at HR Block and worked for them as a tax specialist and also goes to the IRS Nationwide Tax Forum Information offer three full days of seminars with the latest word from IRS leadership and experts in the fields of tax law, compliance and ethics. decide to open his own firm, where he applies his tax code that he learns and help individuals and small businesses. Gerfson experience was vital in working within the financial industry with his professionals’ skills to successfully navigate the internal culture of the IRS.In particular, Gerfson dealt with many taxpayer issues that required ‘outside the box thinking’ in order to resolve disputes. He worked with taxpayers’ congressional representatives to ensure that a taxpayer’s rights were not abused. he identified systemic problems within the IRS that impacted the general public and found effective solutions. Gerfson’s expertise has been used to analyze client tax issues also His knowledge has been invaluable to the numerous clients that he represented before the IRS over the last decade and provide practical and expedient solutions for complex tax debt resolution cases. “I was able to cut through the IRS’s red tape and get to the heart of the problem,” he explained.